आज के सुविचार
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Terms and Conditions

By accepting the Terms and Conditions for using the online applications facility you declare that all Information provided by you is correct. In the event of an applicant providing false or misleading Information which is not relevant to your application you will be asked to leave the course.

All applicants are require to complete all steps of On-Line Apllication Form. Please enter your full legal name as per High School Certificate. THE NAME YOU ENTER HERE WILL APPEAR ON ANY PARCHMENT TO WHICH YOU ARE ENTITLED.

The address that you provided will be used for all further correspondence. A change of address and a Change of Contact Details need to be informed to the Admissions Office.

All Online Applications will receive an automatic email verifying receipt of your application.

Documentary evidence of educational qualifications along with On-Line Application From will be submitted to our college office.

All Online Applications require the applicant to pay an acceptance fee. All fees payable are via online mode only.

Note :

Submitting an application online does not infer or impose any legal obligations on Maharana Pratap P.G.College to provide courses or other services to students. The information may be altered, cancelled or otherwise amended at any time. It does not constitute an offer to supply courses or modules and it is not to be construed as imposing a legal obligation on the Institute to supply courses or modules in respect of any course of study.

Data Protection Act :

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